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Master the lingua franca of the modern world!

  • Speak fluently
  • Better vocabulary
  • Speak with an accent!
  • Builds outgoing personality


Absolutely must-have skills designed for now and the future!

  • Skills most sought afer
  • Industry ready
  • Real-world and hands-on
  • Employment opportunities


Helping learn the mother of all sciences without the tears!

  • Removes fear of numbers
  • Builds confidence
  • Engaging teaching
  • Prepares for STEM courses


The most loved foreign language to learn!

  • Future global citizen
  • Builds confidence
  • Future prospects
  • Improves socialising skills


Learn one of the most beautiful languages in the world.

  • Future global citizen
  • Builds confidence
  • Future prospects
  • Improves socialising skills


Learn one of the most beautiful languages of India!

  • Rich cultural heritage
  • Regional bonding
  • Access to rich works
  • Improves socialising skills


Helps your child learn and understand the world around us

  • Helps understand the world
  • Fully interactive methods
  • Improves problem solving
  • Nurtures inquisitiveness


Help your child express creativity through a variety of mediums!

  • Freedom to create
  • Express individuality
  • Builds confidence
  • Skills for life


Children can be difficult to handle sometimes! We can help!

  • Corrects child behaviors
  • Encourages real change
  • Promotes learning environment
  • Builds scientific thinking

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Our teaching approach

Keeping up with the changing times!

Learning about learning

Our teachers with varied skills and years of experience have seen the shortcomings of the traditional system and its effects on the students it produces. While they all have a common observation, we think you'd be pleased to know that we've managed to beat all expectations and raise the bar with our unique teaching methods.

There's a reason traditional method of teaching fails to produce lasting change: It crams too much out of context information too fast!

of our students saw improved retention and recall using our method!

Our method in a nutshell

Modern advances in human pyschology and years of experience have concluded that traditional rote learning does no good when it comes to truly learning something as memorisation fails you when you need it the most. But despair not for science also has the answer for this problem. So without further ado, here's our secret ingredient in one simple image!

Some of our students

Children learn best when given the right environment!

See for yourself!

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1st grader; Fluent English course


6th grader; Fluent English course

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The Seeko Advantage

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Dedicated and Caring Support
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Resource for Parents, Tutors and Students

Tutor Quality

Stringent Assessment & On-boarding Process
Experienced/Friendly/Result-Focused Tutors
Proven Expert Matching of Student/Tutor
Frequent Tests & Quizzes
Student Performance Reports

Personal Attention

Free Consultation/Profiling of Students Depends
Personalised Goal Setting Strategies
Frequent Tracking of Skill Improvement & Intervention Depends

Tutoring Model & Style

One-to-One Tutoring
Group Tutoring
Adaptive Tutoring Depends
Schedule Fully accommodates Student Availability Depends
Lessons Carefully Planned/ Aligned to School Curriculum
Automated Dashboard to track Progress/ Payments